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The world is becoming a much better place with advance in technology and the role of female can never be over emphasize in the world growth today, female played important roles in Information technology sector. The information technology industry needs more female working in and leading the industry in order for technology innovations to truly reflect the society they serve. And that’s good news, because having female in senior leadership positions can positively impact female employee engagement and retention. In organizations where 50 percent or more senior leadership positions are held by female, they’re more likely to offer equal pay and female employees are more likely to stay with the company longer than a year, report higher job satisfaction and feel the company is trustworthy. Although these statistics are trending upward, female still feel less enthusiastic about their senior leadership prospects than male. The report found that 54 percent of men said they felt it was likely that they’d be promoted to executive management in their company. Meanwhile, only 25 percent of female said the same, noting a lack of support, self-confidence and mentor ship as well as feeling the need to “prove themselves more than men to get promoted.” Female in Information Technology appeals to individuals across all functions and disciplines such as Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Technical, Operations, General Management and Financial services within the ICT sector, as well as an almost equal distribution across all age demographics.